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Regional Economics Committee

The ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Economics Committee

The ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Economics Committee aims to provide regional support to members on airport economics matter, and serves as a forum for members to share best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities in areas such as: Airport Charges, Models of ownership, Financing, Performance Management.

The Committee was established in April 2015. Membership of this Committee is open to Airport Members.







Committee Secretary

Suzanne Tong




  • Next committee meeting, Langkawi, Malaysia (9, October, 2018)


  • ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar (10-12 October, 2018)




Seventh Committee meeting in Tokyo, Japan (April 2018)

Self Photos / Files - Seventh Tokyo_2


Sixth Committee meeting in Singapore (November 2017)

Self Photos / Files - 2017_11_1 Singapore Meeting


World & Asia Pacific Committee Visiting New Changi T2 (October 2017)

Self Photos / Files - 2017_10_31 Joint Committee Meeting


Fifth Committee meeting in Qatar, Doha (April 2017)

Self Photos / Files - Fifth Doha_1


Fourth Committee meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia (October 2016)

2016_10 Siem Reap Meeting