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Aviation employment opportunities from ACI Asia-Pacific members are posted here regularly.  If you are interested in the position, please contact the organization as directed on the job posting.


ACI Asia-Pacific Office

There is no job posting at the moment.

For any inquiries, please email recruit@aci-asiapac.aero.


ACI World
See the latest job postings at ACI World.


Members' Job Opening


Do you have a job opening at your airport? ACI Asia-Pacific would be happy to post members' job opportunities on our website.  This is at no cost to the members. 

Please send your announcement in MS Word or PDF format to recruit@aci-asiapac.aero.

ACI News

Please send us copies of your press releases and other information that could be of interest to ACI Members. 

For news provided by ACI World, please visit http://www.aci.aero/News .

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