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Nuctech Company Limited
Nuctech Company Limited
Business Nature:Security
Contact Person:Mr. YU Yan
Telephone:+86 10 83186000
Nuctech Company Limited (Nuctech) is a leading Manufacturer of Security Solutions and Inspection Products for Airports. Nuctech derived from Tsinghua University and founded in 1997, is an advanced security & inspection solution and service supplier in the world. Nuctech provides the most advanced technology, superb products and integrated solutions in the security inspection industry to our customers from more than 130 countries and areas in the globe. Covering Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Urban Railway, Logistics, Judiciary, Big Events and other security areas, Nuctech helps our customers in keeping the homeland security and people safe, which earns us great reputation. Currently, Nuctech has become an internationally famous brand in the security & inspection industry. Various Computed Tomography (CT) technology based EDS systems with different tunnel sizes and throughput for several kinds of application have been developed and continuously launched, which fits the need of security check for the airport, not only the checkpoint with a comprehensive solution Key-LineTM, but also the BHS screening. Several CT systems have met the most recognized standards, as a prerequisite of entering the market. Nuctech provides integrated airport security check solution including: passengers and carry-on luggage inspection system, checked-in luggage inspection system, air cargo/parcel inspection system, enclosure gateway security inspection system and etc. The solution is an integrated use of the existing resources in airports, which is based on all kinds of security equipment, and supported by information network technologies; it is also a solution with which the quality and efficiency of the checking process are to be enhanced. The operation way of on-site civil aviation security check has made qualitative leaps in using our products. The Customs clearance has been sped up, and we have also contributed in building the defense for civil aviation.