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Harris Orthogon GmbH
Harris Orthogon GmbH
Business Nature:IT and Communications
Contact Person:Mr. Frank Koehne
Telephone:412 677 822
Company Website:
Airports are sophisticated organizations that utilize operational-critical systems for Airside Operations. Harris solutions enable airports to enhance on-time performance, improve service capacity to airlines subsequently enhancing the passenger experience. With data sharing and capacity management being critical to operational efficiency and on-time performance, Harris’ solutions enable airports to optimize operations through enhancing aircraft sequencing capabilities including Pre-Departure Sequencing, Arrivals and Departure management technologies coupled with Airport Collaborative Decision Making(A-CDM) applications leading to better informed strategic and tactical decisions. Going beyond A-CDM, Harris provides solutions that enhance and improve the overall airside optimization by providing real-time traffic monitoring, altering and post operational analysis tools as well as support the dynamic allocation of stands and gates. Further capabilities include Voice Communications and data exchange capabilities allowing airports to align planning around disruptions and other ATM-related events and reduce costs when accessing and sharing information. In total alignment with industry standards and recommendations provided by such organizations as ICAO and SESAR JU, Harris airport solutions are currently being integrated in Canada, Europe, the Asia-Pacific Region, the United States and more locations across the globe. Harris has approximately $6 billion in annual revenue and supports customers in over 100 countries.