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Business Nature:Security
Country:United States
Contact Person:Mr. Neal Owens
Telephone:800 201 2011
Company Website:
Battelle is the world's largest non-profit, independent research and development organization. Our extensive experience as TSA's acceptance testing organization is now available to other aviation security organizations worldwide including governments and airports. We offer our clients independent, third party services including screening system design consultation, acceptance testing standards development, acceptance testing services, and standards based test articles and analysis software to verify system performance as part of acquisitions and performance over time analysis. We also offer advanced, on-line screener training for all modes of screening (checkpoint, hold baggage, and cargo), and we design and integrate high-end physical security systems. Our services are supported by our unique products: Verif-IQ™ X-Ray Image Quality Verification System for image-based security technologies; ProDetect™ Security Screener Training; LS-10 Liquid Threat Detection System; and, Site-Guard™ Active Shooter Detection System.