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Travelsky Technology Limited
Travelsky Technology Limited
Business Nature:IT and Communications
Contact Person:Mr. Hui XIE
Telephone:86 10 57651807
Company Website:
TravelSky Technology Ltd. (“TravelSky”) is one of the world's leading suppliers of aviation and travel information technology solutions headquartered in Beijing, China. The company has been devoted to developing leading edge products and services that satisfy the needs of all industry participants – ranging from commercial airlines, airports, air travel products and services suppliers to travel agencies, corporate clients, travelers and cargo shippers - to conduct electronic transactions and manage the demand for travel-related information. Majority owned by all major Chinese airlines, TravelSky is a public listed company in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. As of December 2016, TravelSky has about 40 subsidiaries and branch offices in and outside of China as the total number of employees reach more than 7,000 with a service coverage of 300 domestic Chinese and 100 international cities. TravelSky has been committed to the development of advanced airport products and services for many years. It has led the development and implementation of the key IT systems for nearly 200 airports in China including all large and medium-sized airports. Our capabilities to provide secure and stable solutions are well proven and tested. TravelSky airport solutions are designed to meet the needs of individual airport operations and the overall business processes, to achieve a seamless and connected IT infrastructure throughout the airport with the ultimate objective of effectively increasing user satisfaction.
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