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Munich Airport International GmbH
Munich Airport International GmbH
Business Nature:Consulting and Management
Contact Person:Mr. Lorenzo Di Loreto
Telephone:+49 (0)89 975 102 14
With a history of more than 65 years in airport planning and management, the operator of Munich Airport (FMG) is an attractive partner for consultancy, management and training services vis-à-vis numerous airports around the world. By now, FMG has over 25 years of international management and operational experience with a proven track record of successfully delivered projects across all geographies and cultures. In August 2017 this knowledge and expertise has been centralized in a wholly owned subsidiary Munich Airport International GmbH (MAI). The 70 experts at MAI provide full airport lifecycle services, including planning/design, project management, operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT), operational start-up, airport operation management, commercial development, process reengineering, training services and overall airport management.
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