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Elenium Automation
Elenium Automation
Business Nature:Equipment
Contact Person:Ilya Gutlin
Telephone:+65 913 888 10
Company Website:
At Elenium, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve the passenger experience through innovation. We understand passenger self-service systems and operations within the airport; from the hardware and software to delivery and support. Through to the operational impact of innovations such as biometrics, payments and voice coupled with the ramifications of health and safety situations. Our touchless technology uses voice or head movement to control self-service devices in the airport, ensuring the highest hygiene standards while enabling passengers with reduced mobility to engage with self service devices. These devices can provide health screening by evaluating vital health signs including body temperature, heart and respiration rate. We drive end to end innovative efficiency for our stakeholders and a safe stress-free journey for passengers. We listen to our clients, learn and solve issues through flexibility and adaptability. Our focus is on operational efficiency and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership for our products.