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Business Nature:Operations
Country:New Zealand
Contact Person:Mr. Christian CARSTENS
Telephone:+45 51168586
Company Website:
Veovo is a predictive collaboration platform that enables over 115 airports to plan, predict, and perfect the airport ecosystem. Veovo harnesses the most significant airport performance data spanning operations, revenue and guest behaviour to unlock deeper insight, and uses deep optimisation experience and predictive insight to help airports make brilliant operating and commercial decisions. • Build outstanding airport operations and improve throughput with better situational visibility, airport-wide collaboration, and intelligent automation: Resource Management, Flight Management, Passenger Engagement and Collaborative Decision Making software. • Deliver brilliant guest experiences with airport-wide passenger predictability, accurate wait time communication and informed planning decisions: Queue Management, Flow Management and Capacity Management solutions. • Maximise commercial and aeronautical income with data capture automation, performance benchmarking, real-time revenue accrual and complete charge flexibility: Aeronautical Revenue and Concessionaire Management solutions.