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Strategic Planning Services, Inc. (SPS)
Strategic Planning Services, Inc. (SPS)
Business Nature:Consulting and Management
Contact Person:Mrs. Chaoqiong SHU
Telephone:+86 156 0161 3606
SPS offers expertise and strategic planning for large scale project development in international markets. Our leadership team of professional consultants share decades of collaboration providing strategic and technical guidance on the development and operations of major world airports, associated ground transportation and collateral development projects. Each key team member has performed roles for major clients that include strategic planning, international business strategies and conceptual architectural design to provide a perspective on complex projects that is both broad and deep. SPS services include planning and conceptual design for all aspects of airport related development, including airspace, airfields, passenger terminals/concourses, cargo facilities, landside ground access, support facilities and airport vicinity land use/collateral development (aerotropolis/airport city concepts). With offices in both the US and China, the total SPS staff can support each other in providing nearly a 24/7 work environment in which the sun never sets.