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Kent Ridge Consulting Co., Ltd.
Kent Ridge Consulting Co., Ltd.
Business Nature:Consulting and Management
Contact Person:Lili Yan
Company Website:
Kent Ridge Consulting Co., Ltd. (KRC) is a consulting firm founded in NUS (the National University of Singapore) in 1998, with more than 80 professionals in the offices of Singapore and Mainland China. KRC has long been engaged in professional services in airport, and established close cooperation with more than 50 airports across the Asia Pacific region. KRC has a profound understanding of the changes and developments in the civil aviation industry. The Aviation Research Center of Kent Ridge consistently studies development strategy of aviation industry on a global scale while serving local clients. By keeping a close track of aviation events, KRC has more operational data of aviation industry than its counterparts. KRC focuses on and excels in aviation industry, providing a comprehensive range of consulting services including strategic planning, human resource management, terminal planning & business development and air city planning.
Airpot Project Undertaken
China > Shenzhen International Airport
Last Update:30/07/2015
Building up an airport with unmatched customer experience
From 2/2015 To 6/2015
In the 13th five-year plan Shenzhen airport puts forward "building up the most experiential airport" as part of its sub strategies. It is the first time that domestic airport integrates "experience" into the core strategic considerations, which is a new customer orientated milestone in China airport industry. As the first consultancy that advocates “the future terminal”, KRC has been engaged in the fields of business, services, media, technology and culture to explore the airport customer value in the past few years. Therefore, in February 2015, KRC was entrusted with "building the most experiential airport" project by Shenzhen airport to help them establish construction schedule based on its deep understanding and forward thinking in the airport industry. In this project, Shenzhen airport has been exposed to different cognitive systems so that KRC can explore its significance for all types of passengers from a range of spaces, such as transportation space, cultural space, commercial space and entertainment space. Meanwhile, KRC integrates industry insiders and experts with cross-industry experience, forming a crossed knowledge structure to define what is "experience" for Shenzhen airport. By doing this, KRC strives to set Shenzhen airport as an airport industry benchmark within an international scope.
China > Qingdao International Airport Group
Last Update:05/01/2015
The overall business planning project
From 8/2014 To 1/2015
Aeronautical business and non-aeronautical business are the two main parts of the integrated strategic planning project of Qingdao Airport. According to the passenger service of aeronautical business, KRC suggested Qingdao Airport to develop three major thematic airlines based on its unique sectors analysis theory. For freight business, KRC suggested Qingdao Airport to focus on the development of specialty products, such as express, fresh, precious metal and cosmetics (South Korea), which will eventually forge Qingdao Airport a transshipment center for specialty products around Bohai and Northeast Asia. For non aviation business planning, KRC suggested Qingdao Airport should focus on the development of three business clusters, including business travel, logistics and general aviation at first which is not only based on the resources of main business but also can effectively support the main business; then the real estate and media business. In this way, there will eventually become five main business, comprising business travel, logistics, media, general aviation and industry operation.
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