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Parsons Corporation
Parsons Corporation
Business Nature:Consulting and Management
Country:United States
Contact Person:Thomas J. Haag - Vice President Asia Pacific
Company Website:
Founded in 1944, Parsons Corporation — an engineering, construction, technical, and professional services firm — is a leader in diverse markets, focusing on transportation, environmental/industrial, and defense/security. More than 15,000 employees strong working on six continents, we deliver design/design-build, construction, program/construction management, and other professional services packaged in innovative alternative delivery methods to government agencies and private industrial customers worldwide. Our global reach has extended to providing these services at more than 450 airports in 40 plus countries, with total construction values in excess of USD $175 billion. We plan, deliver, and sustain world-class airport infrastructure for a brighter, more efficient tomorrow. Parsons Aviation — Beyond Boundaries.
Airpot Project Undertaken
Mexico > New Mexico City International Airport
Last Update:18/04/2015
New Mexico City International Airport Program
From 9/2015 (in progress)
CLIENT: NAICM PROGRAM VALUE: USD $14 Billion PROGRAM SCOPE: The new airport will include the construction of up to six runways and two terminals. In the first phase, the expansion will include three runways and one terminal. The airport’s design will make it one of the biggest and most sustainable in the world. PARSONS’ SCOPE: Program Management PROJECT DETAILS: • Overall airport size is 4,600 hectares • One large terminal of 560,000 square meters • Handles 50 million passengers annually • Two 4,500-meter runways and four 4,000-meter runways • Terminal design uses a continuous lightweight gridshell with internal spans reaching 170 meters • Aiming for a LEED Platinum certification
United States > Calgary International Airport
Last Update:26/03/2015
Calgary International Airport Expansion Program
From 1/2011 To 9/2014
CLIENT: Calgary Airport Authority PROGRAM VALUE: USD $620 Million PROGRAM SCOPE: The work includes the construction of a new runway, associated taxiways, an aircraft parking apron, a central de-icing facility, and other works, as part of the Calgary Airport Authority’s Runway Development project. Additional work includes the construction of two vehicle underpasses. PARSONS’ SCOPE: • Construction Contractor AIRPORT DETAILS: • Overall airport size is 2,136 hectares • One terminal handling 13.6 million passengers, 240,000 aircraft movements • Four runways: 1,890 meters, 2,438 meters, 3,863 meters, and 4,267 meters • Processes 150,000 metric tons of cargo annually • Includes office buildings, a hotel, and a 610-meter tunnel
United States > Miami International Airport
Last Update:26/03/2015
Miami International Airport North & South Terminals
From 1/1998 To 8/2013
CLIENT: Miami-Dade County Aviation Department PROGRAM VALUE: USD $3 Billion PROGRAM SCOPE: The capital improvement program included the construction of the North and South terminals and an automated people mover system. PARSONS’ SCOPE: • Construction Contractor AIRPORT DETAILS: • Overall airport size is 1,335 hectares • Three terminals handling more than 40.5 million passengers annually • 250 based aircraft with more than 387,000 aircraft movements • Four runways, measuring 2,621 meters, 3,202 meters, 3,962 meters, and 2,851 meters • Processes nearly 2 million metric tons of cargo annually • Three parking facilities, an automated people mover with four stations, a seven-story hotel, and offices
Qatar > Hamad International Airport
Last Update:26/03/2015
New Doha International Airport
From 1/2010 (in progress)
CLIENT: Doha International Airport Steering Committee PROGRAM VALUE: USD $15 Billion PROGRAM SCOPE: The project involved the construction of the new North Node and concourses D and E; an internal automated people mover system; 17 high-end airport lounges; more than 140 retail, food, and beverage concessions; and miscellaneous enabling works throughout the airport campus. PARSONS’ SCOPE: • Project Management • Construction Management • Commissioning PROGRAM DETAILS: • Overall airport size is 3,700 hectares • 600,000 square meters of terminals and concourses, operating 41 boarding gates and 22 remote stands • Accommodates 20 commercial airlines, 320,000 aircraft movements • Handles 29 million annual passengers at its opening, 50 million passengers per year upon completion, and up to 93 million per year estimated • Two parallel runways: one 4,850 meters long and one 4,250 meters long • Seven cargo airlines processing 2 million metric tons of cargo annually • Includes first- and business-class lounges, a 2,100-square-meter public mosque, and a crescent-shaped air traffic control tower
United Arab Emirates > Abu Dhabi International Airport
Last Update:26/03/2015
Abu Dhabi International Airport Expansion Program
From 1/2005 (in progress)
CLIENT: Abu Dhabi Airports Company PROGRAM VALUE: USD $11 Billion PROGRAM SCOPE: This multi-airport capital development program encompasses the greenfield development and/or reconstruction/rehabilitation of five airports with works centered around the USD $3 billion new Midfield Terminal Building. PARSONS’ SCOPE: • Program Management • Design Management • Operational Planning • Construction Support • Commissioning PROGRAM DETAILS: • Overall airport size is 6,070 hectares • Three passenger terminals, including the 700,000-square-meter new Midfield Terminal Building • Handles 16.5 million passengers annually and planned to handle 50 million passengers upon completion • Two parallel runways, each measuring 4,260 meters • Capacity to process 2 million metric tons of cargo annually • Includes a 109-meter air traffic control tower, airside infrastructure, and NAVAIDs and ancillary airport support facilities with cargo, maintenance, catering, and related facilities
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