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25 October 2016   ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar Opens in Siem Reap

[October 25, 2016 – Siem Reap, Cambodia] Hosted by Cambodia Airports, the 2016 ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar opens today in Siem Reap, Cambodia and attracted over 200 participants from across the Asia-Pacific region, representing airport operators, regulators and service providers of the airport industry.


The event officially kicked off today, representatives from State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, Cambodia Airports and ACI Asia-Pacific delivered their opening address and warmly welcomed the delegates from across the region. Mr. Arun Mishra, Regional Director of ICAO Asia & Pacific Office delivered the Keynote Address on “Challenges and Opportunities of Small and Emerging Airport”. He also highlighted ICAO’s plans and programmes in support of the “No country left behind” initiative.


ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Mrs. Patti Chau thanked the host and sponsors for their generous support and hospitality. She said, “Airports today are no longer confined with the role as infrastructure providers. Sustainable growth requires airports to constantly upgrade of facilities and invest in modern infrastructure, continuously enhance its customer services in order to create the best airport experience possible and work closely with concession partners to maximize business potentials. Airports, big or small, have the important role to bring in travelers by marketing the destination together with their airline partners, tourism operators and local governments and drive economic growth.”


“At ACI Asia-Pacific, we define small airports as airports with annual passenger throughput of 5 million or less.  About 85% of airports in this region can be classified as small airports. In ACI, we value each and every airport member no matter their size. All airports serve a key role in transportation of people and goods.” she concluded.


CEO of Cambodia Airports, Mr. Eric Delobel said, “Being host of this seminar is a recognition of the fruitful partnership between the Royal Government of Cambodia and Cambodia Airports, resulting in outstanding achievements over the last 20 years. Traffic growth has averaged 10% yearly, the 3 airports in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville have been entirely extended and revamped, and Cambodia has joined the league of a global tourism destination. The airport public-private partnership is a model that has successfully stood the test of time and we believe that it has plenty of room to further deliver.”


The Small and Emerging Airports seminar held annually as a dedicated event for the small and emerging airports in the Asia-Pacific region, covers a wide-range of topics focusing on the challenges and opportunities in operating a small and emerging airport.


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