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Green Airports Recognition

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The ACI Asia-Pacific Green Airports Recognition aims to promote environmental best practices to minimize aviation’s impact on the environment and to recognize ACI Asia-Pacific airport members who have outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects.


By participating in this initiative, you have the opportunity to share your airport’s environmental projects with other airports in the region and also have the chance to be recognized for your airport's outstanding achievements.


Understanding that different airports have different environmental priorities, each year, there will be a specific environmental aspect chosen as theme of Recognition.


Environmental Aspects:

  • Environmental Policy and Management (including green procurement)
  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Waste
  • Water (including both municipal water usage and wastewater discharge)
  • Energy
  • Carbon
  • Biodiversity
  • Ground transportation
  • Land & water contamination


Recognized airports will be invited to attend the recognition presentation ceremony at the annual ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly.



  • Environmental Best Practice Awareness
  • Company Management involvement
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Environmental Benefit
  • Innovation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Training
  • Applicability



Platinum, Gold and Silver Recognitions will be given to the top 3 scorers based on the above criteria and airport size categories.



Eligibility review – All applications will be screened for their eligibility, according to the airport membership status, participation in ACI Asia-Pacific Environmental Survey, the project completion date and word limit prescribed.

Detailed assessment – Each eligible application will be assessed based on the Recognition Criteria. The detailed assessment will be conducted by a judging panel which consists of members of the ACI offices, environmental managers / regional directors worldwide and other experts in environmental field. The judging panel will select recognized airports in each recognition category.



For enquiries, please contact Mr. Ken Lau, Senior Manager, Technical & Industry Affairs at



Green Airports Recognition 2018-Waste Minimization

Green Airports Recognition 2017-Energy Management


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