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 ACI Asia-Pacific Environmental Survey

 2015 Report Summary

ACI Asia-Pacific Environmental Survey

2017 Report Summary


Background & Objectives

The ACI Asia-Pacific Environmental Survey is a biennial survey developed by ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Environment Committee (REC)

The objectives are:

  • To develop an environmental activity database of ACI Asia-Pacific airport members; and
  • To help environmental managers do their jobs better by learning from the experience of other airports

  * Please note that participation in environmental survey is the prerequisite to enter the annual Green Airports Recognition.


10 Core Environmental Aspects

Series of questions were asked in the survey that relate to ten core environment aspects airports need to manage.

  1. Environmental Policy and Management (Environmental Commitment)
  2. Noise  (Aircraft Noise Management)
  3. Air quality (Local Air Quality Control)
  4. Waste (Solid Waste Management)
  5. Water (Water Conservation and Management)
  6. Energy (Energy Management)
  7. Carbon (Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction)
  8. Biodiversity (Biodiversity Preservation)
  9. Ground transportation (Public Transport Promotion)
  10. Land & water contamination (Environmental Contamination Prevention)


Basic Rules

  • Information provided by each respondent are kept strictly confidential and not  disclosed to any other party without the respondent’s prior consent. 
  • Only aggregated results could be used by ACI Asia-Pacific for survey promotion and environmental advocacy purposes.
  • No ranking of individual airport was generated from or shown in the survey.


For Enquiries

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Ken Lau, Senior Manager, Technical Affairs at