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Young Executive Award

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Background and Objective

The challenges ahead of the aviation industry always drive us to rethink the way in which we run our business. The industry has gone through a number of unprecedented changes over the years.


Most of the time our experience can help us cope with these changes, nevertheless, we need innovative ideas to sustain our business in this difficult operating environment and to meet tomorrow’s challenges. And, many of these innovative ideas might come from younger generations. 


The aviation industry is one that counts heavily on human resources and the ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year Award was established to honor the outstanding talents in the Asia-Pacific region. The award is to encourage and promote the contribution of innovative ideas and solutions to the current aviation industry issues.



Each candidate shall submit a research paper on one of the selected topics of the year. The candidate should be able to provide structural analysis with detailed observations and extensive researches on the related industry issues, demonstrate creativity and innovations to possible solutions and show vision towards future aviation industry.


Eligibility & Nomination

  • Any executives of ACI Asia-Pacific airport members in good standing, who:-
    • is at or under the age of 35 (at the deadline of submission);
    • is currently serving a middle management position in the airport member;
    • has a minimum of 2 years working experience in the aviation field; and
    • is nominated by the CEO of the airport member
  • Each airport member is entitled to nominate one candidate for this competition;
  • Nomination letter signed by the CEO of the airport member must be submitted to the Regional Office with the research paper on or before the submission deadline.


Panel of Judges

The panel of judges consists of members of ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Board, Regional Director of ACI Asia-Pacific and other distinguished experts and academics from the aviation industry.



Winner will be awarded the ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year. Profile of the winner and the research paper (with candidate's permission) will be widely promoted and published throughout ACI Asia-Pacific.



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