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HR Excellence Recognition

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ACI Asia-Pacific Human Resources Excellence Recognition


Background and Objectives

The Asia-Pacific region is the most populous and fastest developing region in the world. The prosperity of the region depends heavily on the airports’ success as they are the economic engine to the communities they serve. To stay competitive, Human Resources management plays a vital role in the development of the airport industry. With a vision to enhance the HR management in the region and to help airports in managing their most valuable asset of airport business, the ACI Asia-Pacific HR network and committee were established in 2007. Since its inception, the committee has addressed many timely and important HR subjects through different workshops and best practice sharing to promote the professional excellence in HR management.

The ACI Asia-Pacific HR Excellence Recognition Program is established with the objective to acknowledge airports’ outstanding achievements in HR management, to recognize the contribution of HR management to the successful airport business, and to share best practices in airport management. If your airport would like to share your achievement in the excellence of HR management, we urge you to participate in the ACI Asia-Pacific HR Excellence Program.


2016 Program 


HR Excellence in Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Culture

in Delivering Sustainable Airports


Sustainable development rests on three fundamental pillars: economic growth, ecological balance, and social progress. Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of sustainability both to society and to their own bottom lines.

Sustainable development is not just the responsibility of environmental specialists or communications professionals. It requires contributions from people across all functions of an organization. HR plays an important role in integrating the sustainable development in airport business, and proactively contributes or influences management and employees in order to enhance sustainability.


Gold - Adelaide Airport Limited

Silver - GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited

Bronze - Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited


2014 Program

The best four papers are posted below for information sharing with our airport members:


Gold - Queensland Airports Limited
Silver - Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd

Bronze - Adelaide Airport Ltd

Honorable Mention - Brisbane Airport Corporation



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